Why do casinos have no windows?

casinos have no windows

The new generation of this particular era is fond of different sources of entertainment like pubs, clubs, night outs, casinos etc. The trend of casinos is on the peak as they are considering the best source of entertainment amongst the rest.

The casino is getting smarter and working with the Hi-tech technology, so they are earning more. The casinos have no windows because they don’t want their customer to be distracted here and there that is the reason why they don’t have windows in it.

The casinos are working in such a manner that you will not believe, and they don’t want you to win. Yes! You read it right they want you to visit there, but they never want you to succeed as they are getting benefit whenever you play game or gamble there.

Because if you won, then they have to pay you the jackpot prize, it might be a coupon or a voucher or anything related to the cash vice-versa.

Of course, the casinos will provide the prize that you own, but they will keep an on you so that this will be in their notice and they won’t let you win again, these casinos are rigged as they might be of old times like no windows in casinos are there.

You should keep the following things into your notice whenever you think of playing or gambling at the casinos:

You should keep an eye on the wheel when it spins as they have pre-installed Hi-tech measures which will not let you win, so all you have to do is to keep an on that wheel and don’t let that man cheat over you and other gamblers as well.

gambling at the casinos

The casino has no windows to let you see outside view because they think that view can distract you towards the nightlife outside it.

They can also control the slot machines which we thought that those machines are reliable, but they are not. They can also control that machine as well, so you should be thinking twice before playing with that machine.

More or less considering all the casinos, they all are same somehow, their perspective is the same that they will not let you win so quickly until you are poker player. Only a poker player has the capability to beat them with their mindset and professional techniques.